Are Accidental Fires Covered By Insurance

Are Accidental Fires Covered By Insurance

Accidental fires can happen at any time. When they do, it’s important to know what to do. Fortunately, fires that are considered unintentional by firefighters can be claimed on insurance. Fire damage is just one of several hazards that are covered by homeowners insurance. Thus, your home insurance will cover the costs if the fire was started by faulty wiring, in the chimney, or by some other event.

How Does A Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fire?

The financial impact of a devastating house fire can be mitigated by the coverages typically found in a standard homeowners insurance policy, which include:

  • If the fire spreads to a detached garage, a shed, or some other outbuilding on your property, you may be able to collect damages under the “other structures” section of your policy.
  • Personal property coverage in your homeowner’s insurance would assist you in replacing things like furniture, appliances, and electronics if a fire were to destroy your home. Clothing and other personal belongings damaged by the smoke can also be replaced or repaired under this policy.
  • If a fire destroys your home and you have to move out temporarily, the loss of use provision of your insurance policy will help pay for your living expenses. Expenses like lodging, pet care while you’re away, and moving should all be covered by the policy.
  • Coverage for third-party claims: if a fire started on your property spreads to a neighbor’s house or other property, your policy’s liability coverage may help make the difference.

What Exactly Does Home Insurance Cover In Terms Of Fire Damage?

  • Electrocution blazes – Standard homeowners’ policies cover power surges and other forms of current electronic damage. Therefore, the insurance company may pay for the damage to your property if a short circuit starts a fire in your electrical wiring.
  • Wildfires – After a terrible wildfire, your homeowner’s insurance should cover the cost of repairing your home. However, your insurance company could not cover you if you reside in a very high-risk area for wildfires. There may be a need for supplemental fire insurance in such a case.
  • Incidents of unintentional fire – Your house insurance should pay for any damage caused by a fire started by the careless use of candles, forgotten meals, or a dry Christmas tree.

Advice On Filing A Fire Insurance Claim

Talk to your insurer as soon as possible. It’s possible that your claim could be refused or paid late if you don’t tell your insurer “as soon as practically practicable” after the harm occurs.

Justify everything by keeping records. Fill out a “proof of loss” form detailing the damaged items, their purchase date, and their monetary value. Think about writing down what happened and photographing or filming the destruction.


Accidental fires can be very costly, but they don’t have to be. By having the right coverage and following these tips, you can rest easier knowing that your home and belongings are protected. Pelican Insurance Agency is here to help you find the right coverage and protect your home, family, and belongings. Our insurance specialists are ready to answer all of your questions, so give us a call today!