Taking the mystery and confusion out of buying insurance

Pelican Insurance wants to start off by helping explain in everyday terms the ins and outs of buying insurance, whether it be for your first time or you are long term holder looking to shop your current insurance.

First, why do I even need insurance?

You need insurance when you cannot afford to recover from a potential financial loss on your own using your savings or your own financial means. As your savings grow, and your life changes, your need for insurance should be evaluated. Insurance is something you buy to protect your lifestyle or quality of living if something unforeseen happens to avoid hardship.

What types of insurance do I need?

Insurance needs differ for every situation, with no two exactly alike. In addition, needs change significantly over a lifetime, so periodic review and adjustment is important. Your Pelican Insurance Agent will act as an advisor, helping you determine which insurance coverage you need, and how much. There are many different types of insurance, several of which are listed below:

Did you know?

According to the Wall Street Journal, a majority of U.S. homeowners are underinsured! This could be financially catastrophic in the event of property damage.

How do I buy insurance?

The best way to buy insurance is to work with a professional insurance agent, so you don’t end up under-insured, or for that matter over-insured. Pelican Insurance is not controlled by any one company, but because we are independent, we offer insurance products from over 80 of the best insurance companies in North America. This means that you get what you need, not what the insurance company needs.

What is “shopping for insurance”?

Shopping for insurance simply means that on a regular basis you reach out to your insurance agency and ask to get quotes on policies that match your current levels of coverage or perhaps as you go through different stages of life your needs change and additional coverages may be needed. Pelican Insurance can help in this matter by being able to shop multiple carriers at one time.

Can I save money on the cost of insurance?

Many carriers provide discounts to individuals that “bundle” or group all their needs with one carrier (e.g. home and auto together). With the over 80 carriers that Pelican Insurance represents, we can help guide you and provide multiple opportunities for discounts based on your current needs and are open to review policies with you as your life and needs change.

Why Pelican Insurance is your best option

At Pelican, we are independent insurance professionals, representing more than 80 of the best insurance companies in North America. We work with you to find the best offerings from these companies to design the insurance plan to meet your current and future requirements. We don’t work for an insurance company, we work for you.

Pelican insurance agency

Our very knowledgeable staff is well versed in all types of insurance and brings decades of experience to the table across multiple fields and types of insurance.

Pelican insurance agency

Pelican tries to make the insurance buying process as easy as possible across multiple platforms, from online and emails to personal phone calls.

Pelican insurance agency

With Pelican’s diversified carrier options, we can make your insurance needs as customizable as you need.

Pelican insurance agency

Pelican can be your one-stop shopping experience for insurance.