Does Homeowners Insurance Pay For A Tree Removal?

A tree fell and, unfortunately, it ended up dropping on your premises, creating much damage and making a big mess to attend to immediately. If something like that ever occurs, you’ll want to know in advance whether your homeowners’ insurance will cover the tree removal cost to cut down on the expense and time you will expend. In this blog, you get a roadmap through what usually becomes a frustrating and labyrinthine process, leading you to everything a homeowner must know about tree removal and homeowner insurance: what is covered and what is not.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance usually affords coverage to at least the structure and contents of your home against a good-sized list of risks, which includes damage by fire, theft, and some natural disasters. This is most commonly achieved by providing insurance to cover damage to the structure of your home, personal contents, and liability in the event of injury on your property.

Does Homeowners Insurance Pay for Tree Removal?

Conditions Under Which Tree Removal is Covered

A good home insurance policy can pay for removing a fallen tree due to damage by a listed peril, such as a storm fire or vandalism. For instance, in the aftermath of a devastating storm, your insurance may cover the costs of tree removal and damage restoration.

Exclusions to Coverage

There are exceptions to coverage. Insurance policies do not cover trees that fall due to poor maintenance or disease. Sometimes, the cost of removing a downed tree may not be covered if the tree did not damage any structure or block a driveway or handicap access.

How to File a Tree Removal Claim

Steps to Take Immediately After Tree Damage

If a tree falls on your property, however, the first thing to do is to check if everyone is okay. If you can, take pictures of the damage and note the occurrence. Report the damage to your insurance company as quickly as you can.

Documentation Required for Filing a Claim

The other information that may be needed includes photographs of the damaged property, the estimate for removal and restoration, and any maintenance records of the tree.

Tips for a Successful Claim Process

Prove yourself as a clear communicator with your insurer and provide all necessary documents required on time; follow up on the status of your claim at regular intervals.

Factors Affecting Coverage for Tree Removal

Tree removal will greatly depend on the specifics of your insurance policy, such as where the tree was located in your yard, whether it damaged any covered structures, and the size and species of the tree.


Without a doubt, managing the maze of homeowners insurance and tree removal can be an overwhelming task. It does make one rest easier; it provides financial security. Pelican Insurance Agency will make sure you know what’s in your coverage. Our committed team is here to offer you all the services needed in insurance, including exceptional support and professional advice to smooth the claims process. From time to time, you can trust the Pelican Insurance Agency to keep your home and property safe, no matter what nature throws your way.