What to Do After a House Fire Insurance

What to Do After a House Fire Insurance

We’ll never be able to control what happens with fire. We probably have no idea where it comes from, who starts fires, and why. But we can do something to prevent fires and stop them by using what we need to apply after a tragedy like losing our house due to fire. To do this, we need more information on the importance of having an insurance company and how they will benefit us in our difficult situation.

The following suggestions can help make the process of recovering from a house fire less stressful:

Contact Your Insurer

Your insurer will want to inspect the property and determine the extent of the damage before assessing how much money you’ll receive in compensation. As long as there was no one at home when the fire started and no one was hurt, you should be able to get back on track fairly quickly.

Check With Your Local Fire Department

If a fire has damaged your house, it’s essential to contact your local fire department. They may have some recommendations for cleaning up after a fire, or they may know of any unique safety measures that must be performed while cleaning up debris from a fire. In some cases, they’ll even be able to help with some of those tasks if they know what you’re working on and when you’ll need help.

Take Photographs

It’s essential to take photos of everything damaged by the fire and every area that may have been affected by smoke or water damage. This can help your insurer and adjuster determine how much damage was caused by the fire itself and how much was caused by cleanup efforts afterward.

Collect All Destroyed Items and Put Them in One Place

You first need to collect all of your destroyed items and put them in one place. This will help you determine what was lost and what wasn’t. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re not missing any items when calculating the value of your claim.

Move or Protect Your Items as Soon as Possible

Move anything that’s not damaged out of the house as soon as possible after a fire. This includes valuables like jewelry, important documents like birth certificates and passports, electronics such as computers and TVs, clothing and linens, and anything else that isn’t destroyed by smoke or water damage. You can also protect some items by placing them in plastic bins with lids or sealed plastic bags with an air filter inside each bag. This will help keep dust from damaging them further.

If you’ve recently experienced a house fire, there are a few essential things to remember as you move forward. Pelican Insurance Agency is here to help with your insurance needs after a house fire and make sure you receive compensation for the losses you deserve caused by the fire. We offer affordable rates and excellent customer service. We recognize how stressful it may be when something like this occurs, and by making sure everything runs smoothly, we want to assist reduce some of that burden. If you have any inquiries or concerns about the options available for your insurance claim, feel free to contact us anytime!